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AuctionBytes Blog
Covering auctions, collectibles and marketplace selling.

AuctionBytes Blog The AuctionBytes Blog has been giving a voice to online merchants since its launch in 2005. Named one of the world's top 30 blogs in 2008 by "Blogging Heroes." Weigh in with your thoughts on the joys and pitfalls of selling online.
Fri Feb 1 2013 13:41:16

Mysterious ''Dusty Old Thing'': Latest Antiques Hotspot?

By: Julia Wilkinson
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Who's behind DustyOldThing? Who cares? It's a fun new place to ogle antiques. It's also Facebook's #1 community for antique-lovers, at least according to it, with 271,000 "Likes" to date. Every day the web site curates content from the Facebook group, re-posting the photos and adding descriptions of various antiques and collectibles. For yesterday, Jan. 31, it featured a collection of vintage valentines, a Hull pottery vase, a cut-work tablecloth, carnival glass, and a vintage cabinet.

DustyOldThing (whoever they are) takes the photos members post and adds informative commentary. For example, for a pastel-colored vase photo that member Richard Hohn posted, DustyOldThing (we'll call you "Dusty" for short) reposted it to its web site, commenting that Hohn posted this photo just saying "An All-American classic vase," and, "Of course it didn't take our readers long to say "Hull"." They added that, "Hull Pottery began operations in 1905 in Ohio. Their most loved works, and probably the highest quality, were done between the late 1930's and the 1950's. They developed this matte pastel finish highlighting floral themes. It was considered trendy at the time and sold well."

"Dusty" added that the Hull company ceased operation in 1986, and that today the pieces command good prices and collector clubs keep the appreciation level high. 

He/she/it/they also had interesting things to say about Carnival Glass, posting a member's photo and opining that, "We think that, for a long time, Carnival Glass had a bad rap. Certain lines of it were so over-produced that, during hard economic times and later during the war, smaller pieces were given away as prizes at carnivals. Our older relatives may have had candy jars or other pieces in rooms that maybe were too dark for our light-loving youth. But...just look at it!  Look at how it shines from within.  It has iridescense." Indeed.

We did a little sleuthing (and by "we," I mean "I," as long as we are playing with pronouns), and found that the domain is registered to one "Dan Birdwhistell," which I thought was a pseudonym a bird-watcher came up with, until I saw that Crunchbase tells us he is "an entrepreneur and writer based in Washington, DC.," and currently the "Founder and CEO of OpalMine Publishing, producers of the largest Facebook-based content network."

OK, then. Well, he may or may not be writing the actual content, but whoever is, it seems a fun place to hang out for antique-lovers. Did you know about DustyOldThing, either the Facebook group or the web site, and what do you think about it? Post a comment here!
Reading AuctionBytes Blog: Mysterious ''Dusty Old Thing'': Latest Antiques Hotspot?
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Readers Comments

Mysterious   Mysterious
by: Grandma_Fish This user has validated their user name.
Fri Feb 1 18:07:41 2013
Thanks for the link to their Facebook page. I "liked" it immediately!
 Mysterious ''Dusty Old Thing'': Latest Antiques Hotspot?   Mysterious ''Dusty Old Thing'': Latest Antiques Hotspot?
This user has validated their user name. by: Sandymenu
Sun Feb 3 18:32:18 2013
I saw the headliner ''Dusty Old Thing''

and just knew it was your blog for sure! LOL
 Mysterious ''Dusty Old Thing'': Latest Antiques Hotspot?   Mysterious ''Dusty Old Thing'': Latest Antiques Hotspot?
by: Sylvia Wilson This user has validated their user name.
       Web Site
Sat Feb 15 13:22:57 2014
I have several pieces of the same design of Hull Pottery from Ohio.  I also have different pieces of pink, black yellow, aqua & Ruby of depression ware that belonged to my mother & grandmother.
 Mysterious ''Dusty Old Thing'': Latest Antiques Hotspot?   Mysterious ''Dusty Old Thing'': Latest Antiques Hotspot?
by: Sylvia Wilson This user has validated their user name.
       Web Site
Sat Feb 15 13:53:44 2014
I have a lot of different color depression ware that is very old & several other pieces of pottery that have Hall of Ohio, McCoy & some I can't make out the numbers, but it's made in the USA
 Mysterious ''Dusty Old Thing'': Latest Antiques Hotspot?   Mysterious ''Dusty Old Thing'': Latest Antiques Hotspot?
by: Jan This user has validated their user name.
Fri Mar 14 13:57:37 2014
I have a comment for the person with the horse collar.    The balls/knobs on the top are called Hanes. (not sure of the correct spelling)  They hold and guide the leather lines or reins that the driver holds in his hands to guide or drive the horse to go right.(gee) or left (haw) or back.  The line will pull tight when the driver pulls on it letting the horse know which way to go.

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