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Tue Jan 29 2008 07:57:17

Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay

By: David Steiner

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Feedback on eBay certainly has taken a few left turns since Pierre's initial concept that allowed trading partners to rate each other. In probably the most dramatic deviation, Sellers will no longer be allowed to leave Negative or Neutral feedback for Buyers. There are some other changes, which can be found here: but this is the most interesting paragraph:

What changes are being made to the eBay Feedback system?

There are five key elements to the new Feedback system being introduced in the first half of 2008:

   1. Beginning in February, buyers and sellers will be able to earn up to one Feedback per week from the same trading partner. Today, members may only affect each other's Feedback scores one time, regardless of the number of transactions between the parties. This change will both encourage repeat transactions and reward good service.
   2. Sellers will no longer be able to leave negative or neutral Feedback for buyers. This change will occur in May, 2008.
   3. Removal of negative and neutral Feedback left by members who are suspended or who fail to respond to the Unpaid Item Process (UPI).
   4. Positive Feedback percentage will be based on the past 12 months of Feedback, rather than lifetime, since it is most indicative of the seller's recent performance.
   5. Restrictions on when Feedback can be left:
          * Buyers must wait three days before leaving negative or neutral Feedback
          * Instead of 90 days, members will be able to leave Feedback for 60 days


We'll be speaking with John Donohoe later today, so if you have any specific questions, post them here before noon, and we'll try to incorporate the best ones in our interview.

Call 1-877-222-0856 and leave a 60 second message about what you think of these changes.



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Readers Comments

Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay

by: Mary

Wed Jan 30 16:13:02 2008

Besides agreeing with most of the comments voiced I wonder why a savy attorney has not seen the obvious discrimination suit here. I am a seller - I am an e-bay member - why is only my feedback privilege being removed. Allowing only 1 side of the trading agreement to voice complaint is clearly discrimination. 9 years on this site. Losses due to buyer fraud run our company $500+ per year.

Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay

by: mary

Wed Jan 30 16:16:28 2008

The more there are - the louder the voice.


This will only take 5 minutes. Everybody send a quick email to the following email addresses for FOX NEWS and NBC News:

Just say something in the email title line about a situation or development going on regarding eBay, and in the body of the email give them these addresses:

That's it! Hopefully we can get the word out to other sellers, eBay investors, and to potential eBay competition.

If you add a comment to this AuctionBytes blog, keep this request alive by including it in your blog posting. The more people that see it, and contact the news companies, the better.

Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay

by: ginny

Wed Jan 30 16:17:30 2008

Add me, a seller of 6 years with 2000 feedback at 100%, to the list of sellers totally disgusted and ready to boycott. The hope is that a mass boycott will give Ebay a huge kick in its arse, but I can't help but think that Ebay has designed these changes for the sole purpose of watching its smaller sellers abandon ship in favor of the powersellers. The economy sucks despite what our president may say; and Ebay has undoubtedly studied just where its money lies and likely views smaller sellers as too much trouble for the money. How best to make smaller sellers jump ship? Hike fees and take away their ability to leave negative feedback for buyers... Let's face it, there are plenty of bad buyers AND bad sellers out there, and feedback at least helps as some kind of check. Shop "victoriously"? What a silly Ebay slogan, created no doubt to counteract the ever-growing public impression of the bad buyer experience. But who gives a crap about the bad seller experience? I would be more than willing to bet bad seller experiences outnumber bad buyer experiences 2 to 1, and I have personally participated in both sides of auctioning. Oh the stories I can tell of idiot buyers (if I get ANOTHER email after the end of an auction reading "Oh, I put in the wrong bid by mistake" I WILL PULL MY OWN HEAD OFF!) I mean, putting any bid in is a TWO-STEP approval process! And there's more... my point is that I NEED that ability to leave negative feedback to warn my fellow Ebay seller brethren that an idiot is lurking... So, seller friends, YES let's boycott (Feb 18th-25th sounds good to me!) but know that it may not have the impact that our feet (or mouse) ultimately has...

Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay

by: Alex

Wed Jan 30 16:19:11 2008

I think the true point that scot was making is that eBay has forgotten who their customers really are. The sellers are eBays customers not the buyers. eBay sells nothing to a buyer. The buyers are our customers not eBays. There are built in protections against fraud etc. by using a credit card or paypal. This rhetoric that eBay spews out about having a safe place for customers is a joke as fruadulent sellers and buyers can always operate for a little while and then be gone.

eBay just facilitates the place where Sellers can meet and present their wares to potential Buyers.

You can go anywhere and get ripped off on the internet. You have to be smart in how you pay. If it is a deal to good t be true then it probably is not true.

People are still falling for the old nigerian scam everyday. You cant fix stupid. But that is what eBay is trying to do with these ridiculous new policies.

Hey eBay quit trying to tell us how to sell when you have no experience whatsoever. I'd have more respect if it was Walmart saying it. They would know better though.

Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay

by: Alex

Wed Jan 30 16:29:34 2008

Yeah, they better get rid of those ads that have yard sale vases and old radios as those sellers will be long gone. I can see it now the customers whining "It has a little nick at the bottom you couldnt see in the picture, you better refund 1/2 my money or I will leave you negative feedback."

Now some may say that is FB extortion, but to eBay it is not. In order to qualify as FB extortion that must demand something above and beyond the actual price that they paid including the shipping.

EXTORTION - The use, or the express or implicit threat of the use, of violence or other criminal means to cause harm to person, reputation, or property as a means to obtain property from someone else with his consent. USC 18

The criminal means would be that it would violate fair trade laws as an attempt to damage reputation. As eBay is a facilitator of the means for them to do this I would think eBay can be named as a defendant no matter what their terms and conditions may state they can  not supercede your legal rights and the law.

Any lawyers out there?

Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay

by: ElPhantasmoBlanco

Wed Jan 30 16:29:56 2008

Just a math check--------

A Final value Fee increase from 5.25% to 8.75% IS NOT a 3.5% increase.

If you sell a $9.99 item, you used to pay a FVF of 52.5 cents...NOW you will pay 87.5 cents.

That is an increase in your FVF of MORE THAN 60 %

Chew on that and discuss

Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay

by: barbara

Wed Jan 30 16:34:47 2008

We do not need lawyers really if all sellers do as I have and cancel their ebay accounts the whole thing will collapse

Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay

This user has validated their user name. by: Ming the Merciless

Wed Jan 30 16:36:36 2008

Faux Gnus? Are you kidding? The lowest rated 'news' channel on TV owned by right wing corporatist Rupert Murdoch?

Don't forget CNN and Keith Olbermann on MSNBC, CBS, HDTV's Dan Rather, PBS Bill Moyer, and David Letterman. Also email Jay Leno and tell him to quit giving free positive publicity to ebay or sellers will organize a boycott of his show and advertisers. On top of the writer's strike, Leno doesn't need a boycott and irate letters to advertisers.

Moreover, the week in February that people say they won'
t list should be spent emailing and writing snal mail letters to your elected representatives and Democrat leaders asking them to hold congressional hearings on how ebay operates. Tell them YOUR horror stories! ebay could be the next Enron.

Having spent years dealing with media, it's how you frame your complaints that makes a difference.

Unless it's done properly, then Hanna Durzi ebay's programmed little PR robot says "disgrunted user, disgruntled user" and no matter how many "disgruntled users" there are, most media is content to let the matter drop because they too are owned by equally sleazy corporations.

Again, these most recent highway robbery fee increases and feedback scheme are only the latest two in a string of devious schemes ebay has devised to relieve seller sof their hard earned profits.

Don't forget huge fee increases hidden in policy changes, customer service reps who probably can't spell their own names, the recent publication of thousands of sellers' IDs, account passwords, credit card numbers and hundreds of other SEVERE security breaches that damaged ebay users that ebay never reported and hasn't corrected.

This is a rogue corporation that should become extinct or law abiding, and sellers have it within their power to produce either result.

Because without ebay sellers, ebay becomes, Skype, and Craig's List.

And, best of all, their stock becomes nearly worthless.

Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay

by: April

Wed Jan 30 16:40:16 2008

I used to be a powerseller on ebay but when my sales went down for a few months they jerked it away from me. Now they are constantly sending emails to get me to sign back up.NO WAY!!!

When you are a powerseller there is a big target on your back and people copy everything you do and competitors bid and don't pay etc. Ebay offers no protection when people take your original work and copy it. Now they are taking away our only option for bad buyers.

People are constantly ripping me off on ebay. Saying they didn't get their package when you have a delivery confirmation and threatening to leave neg if you don't refund their payment. Now there is nothing sellers can do.

I am down with the boycott from Feb 18th-25th. I will close my store and not sell on ebay. Let's all just hope this works and ebay sees how much they need their sellers.

Everyone hang tough and join in.

Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay

by: barbara

Wed Jan 30 16:43:11 2008

By the way im from the uk and we are just as fed up as you are .The big difference is that ebay are far more likely to listen to you than us.As they said in Dark City "shut it down"

Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay

by: Alex

Wed Jan 30 16:45:19 2008

Here is what they could and should have done.

Eliminate all listing fees including gallery.

If someone wants to list with the bold and Featured then charge for that.

Then raise your FVF. And instead of it being just on the the amount sold for include the shipping in there too. That gets rid of the problem about so-called over-charging for s/h. Sellers would go along with this and adjust their prices accordingly. If something sells then great. If it doesnt then I am not out any money.

Same with the stores, no listing fees, just FVF's.

With the Feedback, get rid of the Positive, Neutral, Negative concept and just use the DSR's 1 thru 5. Comments would be allowed. Also lets add in DBR's so that we cant the buyer on things like payment, communication, etc.

eBay creating all of this turmoil was completely avoidable and all it takes is a little common sense approach. They obviously did not get any input from any sellers or they just didn't care. Which from any business aspect you look at the minute a company stops caring about their customers is the day the ship sinks.

Rome was not built in a day and neither was eBay. But the Fall of Rome happened very swiftly. eBay should take notice.

Feel free to copy and paste all of my comments as I freely give them to the public domain for this forum.

Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay

by: Donnette

Wed Jan 30 16:50:06 2008

Ihave been selling on Ebay now for about 4 years. I design quilt patterns. I am in dispute now over a buyer upset because I have my business name and Copyright information on the pattern. She left negative feedback stating item was not as described. Simple problem was,, she wanted to resale my hard work and was upset my business name was on it. How can I warn other sellers of what she does if I can't leave feedback as such after she trashed me on my feedback.
Where in this new concept from Ebay do I have any protection. After she left negative feedback for me,, she has now started reporting and having every design I have listed removed by Ebay. With Ebay stating they were correctly removed because of CR violation,, heck I'm the designer. It's my design. How am I in violation?
Ebay needs to get with the program. Sellers and designers have no rights on Ebay as it is, now we have even less protection. The most I can do is block her from bidding. In return, she will change her ebay name, purchase another item from me and then leave negative feedback and request a refund from Pay Pal again.
Someone mail me,, lets get something going now on this issue.

Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay

by: powerseller

Wed Jan 30 17:02:40 2008

Be sure to let sellers know if they mistakenly list during the BOYCOTT, Feb. 18-25! They need a chance to end their listings so they don't receive NEGATIVE FEEDBACK for listing during the boycott.

Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay

by: Alex

Wed Jan 30 17:08:24 2008

Just so everyone is clear on the boycott. and myself included.

We do not list any new items on ebay during that time period. Correct?

What items listed before that, that will end during that time period? I can see putting the store on a vacation hold for that week, that would be easy. Otherwise you would not list also from Feb. 11th thru 17th as these would then end during the boycott period.

I think this needs to be addressed and cleared up for all.

Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay

by: Alex

Wed Jan 30 17:10:52 2008

I also dont think it would be prudent to do negative FB for sellers who do not boycott as they may not even know about it and they may have other money issues that preclude boycotting. feeding a family is far more important. But they should be emailed during that time period and told. Get all your auctions on another site now and post that site here.

Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay

by: Denise

Wed Jan 30 17:12:24 2008

Is eBay as HEARTLESS as they seem to be? Check this out. Here's something new we didn't know about ebay


Check out (see link below).

Ebay affiliate site in China, Tom Online, is selling cats and dogs to China, where many will be skinned alive, beaten, boiled, strangled and slaughtered -- for profit. Ebay knows this but refuses to stop sales of these animals -- despite vigourous pleas -- thereby condemning these poor animals to a miserable life and a horrible and excruciating death.

Okay, this is slightly off-point from the current discussion but it does well illuminate the true heart that beats within the ebay money-grubbing machine.

See the full article here:

Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay

by: Alex

Wed Jan 30 17:15:08 2008

I would think to keep it simple would be that no listing and no store for the boycott Feb. 18th thru 25th.

That would be no listing fees for ebay for that week and no fvf from stores for that period.

That also would be no fvf's for eBay auctions for the week of Feb 26th thru March 3rd.

It may make them notice.

Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay

by: Alex

Wed Jan 30 17:17:27 2008

Send that info to PETA along with the link here and get PETA involved with going after eBay. That just sickens me and shows how sick and greedy eBay realy is.

That would get the media's attention.

Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay

by: Alex

Wed Jan 30 17:21:08 2008

As an additional note, we may want to get a petition started telling eBay of our plans to boycott and that we will be doing this every month until they rescind this ridiculous policy and get a forum of actual eBay sellers big and small to restructure the FB policy and even discuss the fee structure.

Can't we all unionize and then get our voices heard?

Any thoughts?

Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay

by: Alex

Wed Jan 30 17:27:40 2008

Oops, i guess PETA already knows about it. Why is this not bigger news and why does PETA continue to own stock in eBay if they wont do anything about it.

Just shows that eBay does not even follow it's own rules.

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