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Tue Jan 29 2008 07:57:17

Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay

By: David Steiner
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Feedback on eBay certainly has taken a few left turns since Pierre's initial concept that allowed trading partners to rate each other. In probably the most dramatic deviation, Sellers will no longer be allowed to leave Negative or Neutral feedback for Buyers. There are some other changes, which can be found here: http://pages.ebay.com/services/forum/new.html but this is the most interesting paragraph:

What changes are being made to the eBay Feedback system?

There are five key elements to the new Feedback system being introduced in the first half of 2008:

   1. Beginning in February, buyers and sellers will be able to earn up to one Feedback per week from the same trading partner. Today, members may only affect each other's Feedback scores one time, regardless of the number of transactions between the parties. This change will both encourage repeat transactions and reward good service.
   2. Sellers will no longer be able to leave negative or neutral Feedback for buyers. This change will occur in May, 2008.
   3. Removal of negative and neutral Feedback left by members who are suspended or who fail to respond to the Unpaid Item Process (UPI).
   4. Positive Feedback percentage will be based on the past 12 months of Feedback, rather than lifetime, since it is most indicative of the seller's recent performance.
   5. Restrictions on when Feedback can be left:
          * Buyers must wait three days before leaving negative or neutral Feedback
          * Instead of 90 days, members will be able to leave Feedback for 60 days


We'll be speaking with John Donohoe later today, so if you have any specific questions, post them here before noon, and we'll try to incorporate the best ones in our interview.

Call 1-877-222-0856 and leave a 60 second message about what you think of these changes.



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Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay
by: Lucky
Tue Jan 29 16:15:35 2008
I left a comment before. eBay is huge but it is sinking according to facts. It is better to get out before it drowns and takes us with them.





see what other options we have.

Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay
by: steve
Tue Jan 29 16:17:11 2008
BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT.....JUST NAME A DATE AND BOYCOTT.  Hit them where it hurts because the M-O-N-E-Y is their achilles heel.  A couple of days of 0 listings by sellers will open their ears.
You can vent until the cows come home but if you don't take action nothing will change.
Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay
Tue Jan 29 16:18:25 2008
ROTFLMAO ... get real people.

eBay isn't going to die because of this change any more so than it died when you predicted it for the last 2 years worth of changes that you also didn't like.

And they aren't going to miss your mom-n-pop presence.

eBay's money comes from large sellers who aren't the pain in the ass like smaller sellers.

Do you really think these eBay corporate heads got where they are, by being stupid?

Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay
by: Thea
Tue Jan 29 16:19:21 2008
This is why the eBayPal monopoly should have never been allowed:

"In a small number of cases (fewer than 5% of all payments on eBay), PayPal will hold payment funds until either the buyer has left positive Feedback or 21 days have passed without a claim."

last paragraph under "safe payments": http://pages.ebay.com/sell/update08/rewards/index.html#4
Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay
by: JMH
Tue Jan 29 16:21:03 2008
I'm a buyer/online customer of not only the internet in general but especially eBay and Amazon. I came here to read how you sellers were responding to these eBay changes as even my buyer's pea brain couldn't believe eBay could ever think them plausible, especially the feedback change!

I just want you sellers to know that you have made my life in the very rural northern great plains much easier since I've been able to buy from you. I'll continue to look now for the products I buy on the other auction sites too. Just keep selling somewhere online 'cuz a lot of us will look hard to find you!!!

Thank you!
Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay
by: Joe
Tue Jan 29 16:21:58 2008
Thats it! I can't stand no more! Olive Oil where's my spinach??!! I'm gonna open my own website and kick Brutus where the sun don't shine once and for all!! Yes of course you and Sweet Pea can come along with me.  You can even ask Whimpee to join too even though he eats his hamburgers today and doesn't pay until tuesday that's still even better than staying with FEEBay!!
Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay
by: TNH
Tue Jan 29 16:23:00 2008
A seller's ability to block unwanted buyers with recent negatives will be completely useless after this.  
Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay
by: JOAN
Tue Jan 29 16:24:43 2008
I had a terrible buyer experience over the holidays, I never leave negative feedback, if I had a bad experience I don't leave any feedback, but this experience deserved every bit I could do to let others know that this seller was not packing fragile items properly (to put it mildly), lied and was terrible to deal with through the process! Why should people like that escape buyers telling the truth about their buying experience? I say if a negative is deserved other buyers should see it and be able to make their own educated decision as to deal with them or not.
Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay
Tue Jan 29 16:27:32 2008
We bust our butts to keep our FB at 100% Positive. We go out of our way to ensure our Buyers are treated fairly. No one has control over how long it takes once a package is taken to be shipped.  eBay is leaving Sellers wide-open to be targeted in the worst possible way by unscrupulous Buyers!  Leaving FB is a 2-way street. eBay continues to bite the hands that feed them by treating HONEST SELLERS like crap!
Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay
by: B. Robert
Tue Jan 29 16:30:44 2008
Firstly, PAYMENT IS AN OBLIGATION AND RESPONSIBILITY OF THE BUYER! It has absolutely nothing at all to do with feedback!

Who thought this one up at eBay?
Are they absolutely crazy at eBay?
They, eBay, obviously is/are now running scared due to all of the past policy, fee hikes and abusive rules implemented over the years.
Addressing the reasons for eBay's feedback logistics, I have to say, "I am pulling my items from my listings. I will, only, now, use eBay for marketing and incentive for buyers to purchase my Internet products.. When I list an item it will be only for the purpose of marketing off eBay products. And, my logical reasoning versus eBay's illogical change implementation is as follows:"

RE: eBay's #1.......
One, Buyers will be more honest when they leave Feedback since they will not fear retaliatory negative Feedback.
Comment on #1 is:
eBay is out of touch with eBay! And, this is including buyers and sellers alike! Buyers are the most abusive and, intended, dishonest, especially on eBay ,consumers looking for something to purchase for zero amount of money paid! They currently enjoy being able to threaten the seller and want their money back. Now, eBay is making it easy for buyers to threaten the seller every step of the way.

RE: eBay's #2.......
Two, Buyers will bid more and higher since their trust in the Feedback system and the sellers will increase.
Comment on #2 is:
What statistical analysis was this, and by whom was it produced that gave those stats?
eBay now is planning to abuse the buyer with forcible intent to raise bidding and prices by manipulation, so eBay thinks, by offering the buyer the chance to 'provide negative feedback unfairly against the seller'. Just watch the negatives from buyers reach record highs.. Picture the devil sitting at the computer and inserting negative feedback, item after item, for the simple reason the seller did not kiss their B…

RE: eBay's #3.......
Three, Our best performing sellers will be able to differentiate themselves from all other sellers and increase the amount of business they receive as buyers gravitate towards them.
Comment on #3 is:
There will be no safe haven for any seller for the reasons that buyers are looking to buy or bid on items that are particular to their own needs and or desires. If that is not fulfilled 500+%, they will leave negative feedback!
Even if another ‘Katrina Hurricane’ should hit and a seller could not ship instantly, the buyer will leave negative feedback because THEY, the selfish buyer, did not receive their item INSTANTLY!

RE:  eBay's #4.......
Four, Sellers will leave Feedback upon payment more often in order to increase their chance of receiving positive Feedback.

Comment on #4 is:
This REASONING takes the CAKE with gobs of icing on top!
As a Seller, I should never leave any comments (feedback) for a buyer simply for paying the very item they either bid or purchased. PAYMENT IS AN OBLIGATION AND RESPONSIBILITY OF THE BUYER! It has absolutely nothing at all to do with feedback!
How many sellers will be tearing their hair out, have heart attack after heart attack, when following a very STUPID policy to leave feedback upon payment?

The reality of ‘feedback’ for buyer and seller are equally appreciated by the transaction that executes. There are too many buyers and or sellers that are not quality oriented. eBay should try and develop a feedback system that represents the transaction in itself, with informative comments provided on the product, the cost, they delivery and the one very most important factor, the quality or non-quality behavior of the buyer or seller.
It is now time to have a fill-in the answer form instead of freestyle irrelevant and abusive, offensive, rude, insolent, impertinent, wounding, discourteous, slighting and insulting commentary feedback!
Additionally, it is discriminating to the seller to provide 'positive feedback' upon payment, to then only be left negative feedback from the buyer, a returned product, a refund and a complete loss on the entire transaction.

Closing comment:
I have websites that I will enjoy promoting while offering realistic information, education and knowledge of eBay's provocative and confrontational seller rules and practices. In addition, I will monetize those informative sites with more Adsense Ads which will provide me with more income than eBay, and without paying the high fees that eBay charges for items listed.

I can only say once again, eBay is heading toward becoming a storefront marketplace and the only auctions of interest to them  are for items starting at 1 million or more!

Best wishes for success to all sellers whom I deeply concern myself with due to the destructive performance of eBay!
Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay
by: Thea
Tue Jan 29 16:31:57 2008
The elderly or disabled shut-ins, the stay-at-home-moms, the people that as small sellers have been making an income that helps them make ends wave at each other all just got told by eBay that they need to find employment elsewhere.

But the ''dollar store''/unload-lotso-crap sellers are not going to be effected at all.

The thing is, the small hobbyist-type sellers are the ones with the INTERESTING stuff to sell.

You'll now find them at your local flea markets again.
Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay
by: northerner
Tue Jan 29 16:35:52 2008

The petition on the eBay Feedback discussion board, a thread titled "PETITION to ALLOW SELLERS to give APPROPRIATE FEEDBACK to Customers" has apparently been removed by eBay.

There had been 335 replies when I was last able to access it at about 16:00 EST.

Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay
by: skip
Tue Jan 29 16:37:02 2008
This is just amazing. Can't imagine ebay being this retarded.About every discussion board on ebay is going nuts.. The Q&A included..Would someone please come up with an alternative auction site that  can run over ebay.I have tryed several and as of yet havent found one that brings the money..If thier is -please point me in the right direction.I have dropped my listings down to about 25% of what they use to be.next step is to quit altogether.The only positive I have heard all day regarding the changes is ..when our items dont sell the loss isnt as bad.The buyers are gonna love this feedback change, now we have nothing to work with to solve any potential problems.. Myself it all sucks- Last month I was gold power seller,had 99.7 % feedback and thanks to the lovely star's I was threatened by ebay to limit my listings. never mind that I ran $200,000. thru thier blasted site this past year.Well last month took a huge bite off my fee's and i'll list even less this month and hope it bites a little more.At least with the fee hikes we can attempt to recoup the difference -but the feedback our hands are tied.The stars- if used for a buyer tool would have been a useable idea- but to use them to stomp on the sellers is unjust. I hope one of the alternate auction sites is jumpin up to pick up the piece's..Because ebay really screwed up this time.
Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay
by: Outraged
Tue Jan 29 16:40:52 2008
I am ready to join a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against eBay and Paypal for attemtp to cause irreparable damage to our reputation and prevent us from conducting business the way trade should be...how do we do that?
Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay
by: FPD
Tue Jan 29 16:42:05 2008
IF I ever sell on eBay after these absolutely NUTTY changes take place, I will type in NEGATIVE and WHY when a buyer warrants it.
Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay
by: lise
Tue Jan 29 16:44:02 2008
come on you guys-this is a smoke screen for evn worse things. ebay is trying to divert or attention with our loss of more freedom(s). do u realize what they're doing financially to we sellers. the make it sound like they're trying to save money by lowering listing fees but look at what they're doing to us re:final value fees
IT'S HIGHWAY ROBBERY. and another thing ebay makes no money from the buyers, NONE, NOTHING only the sellers(and we're being screwed royally) and they're killing us so my question is 'what is ebay with no sellers?'
oh and to holier than thou michael, lets see your'100% feedback' in 6 months, ya dag. it's wankers like YOU that allow ebay to keep pulling crap like this on the rest of us
so get of your soapbox ya sanctamonious, pompous, blowhard-cause guess what? if the rest of us(or at least enough) leave, your toast mate
at least i know, for me, ebay is no longer a minefield but a ghost town
Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay
by: JT
Tue Jan 29 16:44:27 2008
Wouldn't the perfect boycott day be April 1st?
Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay
by: Rick Whitenmor
Tue Jan 29 16:46:14 2008
Please we have all been walking on "Egg Shells" for years as Ebay sellers and now this!
   This is the exact reason(s) we have moved the majority of our business to both Amazon, and our Website. We are also liquidating all of our Ebay Stock, at the close of tomorrows bell. It's become painfully clear Mr Donahue CEO of Ebay, is totally off his rocker and so far out of touch with Sellers it's nauseating. We too agree as mentioned in previous posts about conducting a well unified 24-72 hour boycotts of the site. This stuff has got to stop....your not in business for yourselves ladies and gents your in business for a company who to be quite franks is Sinking faster then the Titanic.
Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay
by: Justine
Tue Jan 29 16:50:00 2008
For all of us planning on leaving ebay, whatever you do guys, DON'T slash your prices and dump everything in your store. That will only be letting ebay profit after forcing you out. Most of us have already had to lower our prices too far anyway.  There are plenty of other venues out there, depending on what you sell. MOVE your stuff somewhere else- don't give ebay another penny!
Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay   Upcoming Changes to Feedback on eBay
by: John
Tue Jan 29 16:50:59 2008
As a seller I could stomach the change if buyers were limited to how many negative feedbacks they can leave and or if there was no buyer non performance policy.   For example a buyer can only leave 3 negatives per year.   What is stopping a rogue buyer for leaving everyone a negative?
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