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 October 06, 2017
  01:44 AM
An eight-day (October 4 - 12) by invitation only free listing offer for ten items in select categories has completely disappeared from My eBay's Promotional Offers Active list.

Although I accepted the offer on the forth, it is no longer seen in the list of active or expired offers and there is no trace of the offer (or its acceptance) in eBay's Message Center.

Anyone else have a similar experience?

Reported By: Vigilant Eye On eBay
Are you experiencing this issue?
That Guy Verified
October 06, 2017
  10:20 AM
Same here. The offer seems to have disappeared completely.

MissEnchanted Verified
October 06, 2017
  11:06 AM
Same problem -- I had the offer (10 items, no selling fees) on two accounts and it's gone on both.

skyhooks Verified
October 06, 2017
  19:34 PM
Me too and I listed 10 items and got charged for them. EBay cannot do anything as my invoice has been generated I have to wait until the listings reappear on my statement for them to fix it.

munson68 Verified
October 06, 2017
  21:46 PM
Lost mine also

RL15 Verified
October 07, 2017
  12:33 PM
mine also vanished

Vigilant Eye On eBay Verified
October 07, 2017
  22:24 PM
Given that a new message has appeared for another listing promo (i.e., "List 100 extra items, fixed price or auction-style, and pay zero insertion fees.") running from the October 8th through the 12th, I'm now beginning to wonder if the wrong promotion was previously sent to eBay users.

LostLizard Verified
October 09, 2017
  14:43 PM
As of this morning (10/9) the promo has reappeared showing my earlier activation.  I added an item in the selected category, but see no change in the "used" number.