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 September 11, 2017
  18:42 PM
Why is ebay letting customer order item for shipment into Miami, Jacksonville, etc? from overseas customers when there is NO shipping service to those locations, does NOT make sense - We have to cancel those orders as most likely the forwarder in FL is also not functioning, no staff, no electric, no service to locations!!!

Reported By: tango
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exdwh Verified
September 11, 2017
  21:09 PM
Our Manatee County post offices have been closed since Friday. The gates/doors are locked and blue mailboxes are wrapped with (Priority Mail!) tape.

That Guy Verified
September 13, 2017
  10:05 AM
Jacksonville post offices are open.

Marie Verified
September 13, 2017
  14:02 PM
There are NOT separate rules for shipping to a Freight Forwarder.  The rules are the SAME for all US addresses and buyers having items shipped to a US address.  If the customer orders, I will ship.  I'm not about to give up sales because I have some fear of a Freight Forwarder as they are NOT an issue.  I have shipped to Texas a couple times this week and if someone in Florida orders, I will ship.