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 April 20, 2017
  09:50 AM
This is not a new issue. It has been happening 100% of the time for me for over 2 months now. I cannot relist items in the books category. Yes, they are books. Yes the category chosen is correct.Yes, I can relist as new listing. but no matter how many times I try, if I want to relist, I get an error message that category is incorrect. Had 3 more of them this morning. I went to Auctiva, made no changes at all and listed as new with new problems

Reported By: Bethofvt
Are you experiencing this issue?
Don Wagner Verified
April 24, 2017
  07:37 AM
Tried to remove active content from my book listings a week back and was unable to due to this problem.

moonmyst Verified
April 27, 2017
  12:27 PM
I have a paranormal book entitled "Strange Candy" and eBay keeps sorting it into the cookbook category. What gives them the right to do THAT?