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 April 26, 2016
  19:47 PM
can't login
Some of your info isn't correct. Please try again.
many password resets
2 hours of paypal trying to reset password
they finally said they would open a tech ticket and that I just would have to wait indefinitely

Reported By: jdbok
Are you experiencing this issue?
fAlken Verified
April 26, 2016
  22:47 PM
Same here, I tried resetting password several times, I had to call PP 3 times, they claimed nobody reported this, Downdetector shows complaints about this issue.  Hopefully they have it fixed soon, I have labels to print.

jdbok Verified
April 27, 2016
  00:21 AM
after 3 reps the last told me he had several calls and 'tickets" in on this same issue he felt this would get immediate attentions-- been waiting 6 hours

sickandtired Verified
April 27, 2016
  09:18 AM
SORT OF...cannot get PP to load in either of 2 browsers. Mostly getting the SERVER NOT FOUND error page. Sometimes get a weird page with no colour and text only that says my email is not formatted correctly. Can't sign in from there either. Have labels to print asap before I leave on vacation in a couple of hours....have been trying to sign in since 7:30 this morning. HAS PAYPAL BEEN HACKED ?????