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 April 08, 2016
  13:58 PM
Previously, entering a 12-digit number into eBay's search box would bring up the item, regardless of whether it was an active or inactive listing. Now, you must check the Sold or Completed listings option to see inactive listings. Conversely, trying to find an active item by number will fail is Sold/Completed is selected. This appears to be a new, intentional "feature" on eBay's part.

Reported By: encoreresale
Are you experiencing this issue?
Frank F Verified
April 08, 2016
  18:01 PM
That really sucks as it was so useful to be able to do this!  WHY would they take away a useful function!  FIX the Cantseeme search, get some google visibility AND leave EVERYTHING else alone.

DIANE1104 Verified
April 09, 2016
  08:22 AM
Ebay fix this so we can relist our items.

Don Wagner Verified
April 11, 2016
  07:51 AM
Couldn't help noticing this irritating issue all day Sunday when researching my ended listings, but seems like search often isn't working properly.

Marie Verified
April 11, 2016
  14:52 PM
I'm having the same problem, however I have seen nothing to suggest that this is some new feature.  It is quite likely it is a glitch. 

WatchCount.com Verified
April 12, 2016
  01:20 AM
If you paste the eBay item# into our homepage's "Keywords" box at WatchCount.com, we'll show you listing information, whether the item is active or not. (And if the item ended via Best Offer, we can usually show the actual selling price too.)