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 December 31, 2015
  11:39 AM
Markdown manager is not working properly....again

Reported By: sraider1002
Are you experiencing this issue?
wellspring Verified
December 31, 2015
  11:49 AM
This issue and more. ALL of my markdown sales history is gone and ebay is telling me to open a store which I've already had for over 3 years!

ORDDFW Verified
December 31, 2015
  13:44 PM
Same thing happening to me, but keep refreshing the page and eventually your history will be there.  It's definitely been a pain to create new markdowns since last night...

ebayisscrewed Verified
December 31, 2015
  14:21 PM
Keep having to login every time i click submit and getting multiple error messages. 

bb6 Verified
January 01, 2016
  11:10 AM
Yah it shows up blank but if you refresh several times it shows older sales. But when doing a new sale, adding new items to sale and then it will just go to main screen, acting as though you exited. This all started for me 12/31 still can't activate my sale 1/1. Not a good way to start the year. These guys make a better door then a window, always blocking me from making $. First yr end updates during xmas season, now this at beginning of January.