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 September 21, 2015
  18:30 PM
Received from eBay.
"We recently became aware of a glitch causing inaccurate shipping estimates for some orders placed Sep 3–15, 2015. This means your buyer may have received an incorrect estimated delivery date during this time frame".
My reply:
"First you say: 
"We are taking steps on impacted orders to automatically remove any defects related to shipping time"

Then you say this:
"If you have received negative defects related to shipping time please contact eBay Customer Service". No sp 2 fi

Reported By: rzbk
Are you experiencing this issue?
toolguy Verified
September 22, 2015
  10:21 AM
I got the letter but have had no complaints from my customers.

serioussellers Verified
September 24, 2015
  08:05 AM
eBay's message refers to "a glitch causing inaccurate shipping estimates for some orders placed Sep 3-15, 2015".The well known & much discussed problem w/ inaccurate eBay shipping estimates (& USPS' sometimes slow & circuitous delivery "trips") precedes & postdates those weeks. PHONY "time frame"! The problem w/ unfair "negative defects" (for these shipping issue glitches/problems/failures) has been discussed by many EcommerceBytes contributors for a VERY long time.END PHONY SHIPPING ESTIMATES.

Volvo351 Verified
September 27, 2015
  21:29 PM
I got the email but as usual eBay provides no clue as to whether I've suffered Shipping Time DSR Ding's and anyway I have zero confidence that they'd actually do anything.