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 August 05, 2014
  15:05 PM
In the past two days, my email notifications from Ebay regarding a BIN sale has dropped important info. No buyer ID or email address.  Instead of telling me how many they purchase, Ebay seems to have decided it was more important for me to know how many I have left in stock.  Now where does it say how many the buyer purchased.  To get their ID and amount purchased, you have to go to the listing and view it.

They want us to ship quickly yet at every turn they make that more difficult.

Reported By: Marie
Are you experiencing this issue?
rstpete Verified
August 06, 2014
  07:49 AM
Also, many sale notices coming in up to 12 hours after the sale or not at all in a couple cases.  That may be a Pay Pal issue  though as I am seeing it on non ebay sales as well.

Marie Verified
August 06, 2014
  13:19 PM
Ebay's sale notifications have nothing at all to do with Paypal. A sale notification does not have to have a PP payment associated with it at the point of sale.  Whatever your issues with PP are it is with PP and has nothing to do with the issue of sales notifications from Ebay. We are not talking about the same thing or anything even similar.  Your issue is completely different.