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 July 16, 2014
  15:27 PM
USPS Click n Ship has been non-functional for more than an hour. On 3 different PC's it was taking 5-10 minutes for pages to load and when I finally was able to create one label, Regional Rate A&B boxes weren't listed as an option, now I can't get to the Print a Label page at all. Been on hold w/Click n Ship support for 40 minutes, no agent as of yet.

Reported By: AgendaSwallowsAll
Are you experiencing this issue?
alaska Verified
July 16, 2014
  23:16 PM
I wasted a half hour trying to get it to work. I would get all the label info entered but click-n-ship would not give me the priority options to finish the label. Tried two other browsers, rebooted. Then I discovered that others were having problems, too. Here is a question. If other shipping programs will let you paste an entire name/address in, why does USPS make us enter each address bit into each field, which takes a long time? Stupid USPS!