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 November 29, 2013
  00:52 AM
Ebay is giving customers ridiculous delivery time estimates, we changed the handling time to 3 days and offer free standard (2-10 bus days)shipping and yet still some customers are being given a delivery time of 4 days from their order, they are no longer showing customers an "estimated time frame" for delivery, they are telling them the first day of the delivery estimate is when they should expect their order.. this is leading to increased cases open, neg feedback and angry customers.

Reported By: shut1968
Are you experiencing this issue?
Bloggo Verified
November 30, 2013
  16:48 PM
I've had many listings showing the estimated delivery time to be the same day, even on International orders.

Ric Verified
December 01, 2013
  21:51 PM
Glitch or by design?? This issue is going to grease the skids for the  next round of small seller purges. eBay will encourage buyers to low score sellers, sellers will be run into the Guardrail and will be pushed out the door.

Sunflower Verified
December 02, 2013
  09:10 AM
Same thing happening to me. Called eBay and they said it didn't matter what I set for delivery times, they base it on my past fast delivery of orders. Explained that is not always the case, told nothing I could do to change it.

sksafety Verified
December 05, 2013
  19:13 PM
i've noticed the same thing. including international deliveries with impossible first class delivery estimates.

lostinNYC Verified
December 06, 2013
  00:44 AM
I had neutral feedback, complaints and one person leaving 2 star ratings for delivery estimates that did not take either the Thanksgiving holiday or my handling time into account.

froggie Verified
December 07, 2013
  09:32 AM
Especially on international First Class shipments.