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 March 20, 2013
  15:53 PM
I am a silver power seller since 1999,top rated,High policy compliance 100% feedback:

Received the following email:
RMC999 NOTICE: eBay Listing(s)
Dear XXXX,

We've noticed you've exceeded your monthly selling limits. Because of this, your most recently listed unsold items have been removed and all associated fees have been credited to your account. Selling limits are put in place to help you establish a positive selling history and provide excellent service to your customers.

What gives?

Reported By: PowerSeller
Are you experiencing this issue?
PowerSeller Verified
March 20, 2013
  16:02 PM
Just got off of the phone with ebay support, it is a known issue. They cancelled over 100 ads!?!?! Support doesn't know if they will automatically be re-listed or anything!? It seems to be widespread according to support.

sksafety Verified
March 20, 2013
  16:28 PM
Same here. They limited my account down to just 35 active listings. Delisted all the rest.  And they gave me the same info from support... known issue effecting a lot of users... supposedly development team already has a fix for the issue to stop it having to any more people, but they are still trying to figure out what to do about all the items already delisted.

Marie Verified
March 20, 2013
  19:09 PM
Its an MC999 notice, and yes, I got one too.  2600+ listings went POOF.  It is a known glitch and I've been told they are working on it.  But as of right now, I'm out of business and many other sellers are that have fallen victim to this. If you get an email from Ebay regarding selling limits.  Watch your listings carefully as they will go POOF.

Ina Verified
March 20, 2013
  20:55 PM
Am trying to get an answer from eBay PR, working on this...

houseofmirth Verified
March 20, 2013
  21:01 PM
I listed over 200 items Monday and Tuesday.  I have over 15,000 feedback, all positive and have been an ebay member since 1997.  I am having the same issue.  I called and got an automated response that they are aware of the issue.  I tried recalling an hour ago and got a message that they were closed for the night.  #infuriating.

SpotlightMedia Verified
March 20, 2013
  21:09 PM
Experiencing the same issue. Around 100 listings removed. A good amount of them were GTC listings where we had almost a year's worth of sales history logged. Hopefully when the roll back and re-list our items, the previous sales history is not lost.... :(

KcEbay Verified
March 20, 2013
  23:25 PM
I rec'd my email around 1:15pm CST. Call Ebay, was on hold for over 30 minutes, was then transferred to a another dept and was "disconnected", called back waited another 30 minutes.. The 2nd person I spoke with told me the problem happened while updates were being done. I was also told that it could take 24-72 hours to be corrected. So I wait. I'm not going to risk relisting and end up with double ads. This is  scary business.

Alpinesilverleaf Verified
March 22, 2013
  09:36 AM
Finally got an email from Ebay admitting they caused the problem. Relisted all of my items, but the relist put the quantities at original amounts, not current ones. This is a nightmare! The Ebay rep is trying to fix my single item listings, but I have to redo all the multiple quantity listings. This will takes hours, and I will need to recount my inventory.  Within 10 minutes of relisting, I sold two items I don't have in inventory!