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 July 17, 2012
  18:31 PM
Today July 17 2012 Appeagle.com many sellers woke up to see thousands of listings re-priced at 1 penny, both Amazon and buy.com sellers were affected, they annonced that no seller rating will be affected, no apology or real support from appeagle.com as of this evening. I'm not sure if eBay sellers got affected, they claim it was a bug and that it was fixed, not sure if it really has, we stopped using it, I think someone manipulated prices, reported that as well, repricing tools are dangerous

Reported By: thehosst
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Al Verified
July 19, 2012
  03:41 AM
Same issue - 8 of 14 customers were kind enough to cancel but 5 have yet to reply to my messages sent to them.  Appeagle says to cancel the orders and amazon will not hold the metric against us however it will still show on the "backend" - Their exact words are this "Your cancellation metrics may still be affected in your backend but due to this notation, Amazon will NOT hold you responsible or suspend your account for canceling these orders." --  Yea, well that is some backend b-llsh=t...