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 July 08, 2011
  22:26 PM
When using our paypal debit card for non ebay purchases, i.e., Staples, email notifications of purchases are not being sent out by paypal to confirm the transactions.  The transactions are seen in the actual paypal account.  I called paypal and they stated that they are working hard to remedy this faulty email notification situation. ;-)

Reported By: zunifetish
Are you experiencing this issue?
Bill Verified
July 09, 2011
  01:12 AM
Yes getting the same thing. Looks like they are using the same IT idiots that eBay has. It seems that they whole system is out of wack at eBay/PayPal.

etailer Verified
July 09, 2011
  23:28 PM
This appears to be a system wide problem. e-mail confirmations for invoices (non eBay) sent via PayPal were being sent to the first e-mail address (if an account has multiple e-mails) in their records - not to the e-mail account that was used to login and create/ send that specific invoice. That problem was fixed after talking to their tech support. *zunifetish* Please check inbox of other e-mail account if applicable.

mastoyshop Verified
July 13, 2011
  04:22 AM
Only the last week or so, no email when paying for items outside ebay. Im sure they will have it fixed soon.

Donna Verified
July 24, 2011
  12:47 PM
Not getting emails either.