Ecommerce EKG FAQs

What is Ecommerce EKG?
Ecommerce EKG is a user generated system for reporting issues for services in the ecommerce industry.
How does Ecommerce EKG Work?
If you are experiencing an issue, such as an outage or glitch, with an ecommerce site, use the yellow "Report Issue" button to submit your report. You must register for Ecommerce EKG first by verifying that you are using a valid email address.
Once your report has been submitted, and has been validated, it will be posted at the top of Ecommerce EKG, where other users may vote "Yes" (thumbs up) or "No" (thumbs down) if they are experiencing the same issue. After a certain number of users have confirmed the issue, an administrator for the site will be notified, and may post an update if the issue is either being worked on or has been resolved.

What do the colored bars mean on the right?
The meter on the right indicates the severity of an issue. As more people vote Yes on an issue, it pushes the meter into the "Red" area. If more people vote No, the meter will gravitate toward "Green."

What does an all-grey meter mean?
An all-grey meter signifies that an issue has been reported, but has not been verified by other users yet.

How often can I vote?
You can vote once and leave one comment per report.

What does it mean if a report shows "Resolved?"
A Resolved icon next to a report means that either the person who originally issued the report, the site administrator for the site, or an AuctionBytes administrator has deemed that the problem no longer exists.