Issue: 2 customers from Brazil have sent us M2M messages claiming that they are unable to make the payment.

One buyer requested for additional time to get the "technical" issue resolved.

Another buyer purchased it from another seller - claiming that eBay showed them a message "this buyer does not ship to Brazil". This is incorrect - we have shipped over 2,000 orders to Brazil in the past 10 years.

eBay is a stunningly difficult place to conduct business!

By: etailer
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etailer Verified
November 14, 2017
  13:18 PM
eBay spends $$$$$ on promoting listings with higher price. When buyer goes to complete transaction, they are shown the same item at a lower price - providing incentive of buyer to attempt cancellation and try to buy the item at a lower price! They spend $$$$ on higher value items and end up selling items at lower value - earning lower fees! How can eBay be so dumb?