Issue: Trying to list on ebay. Only a few photos download then continuous spiral. Will not allow my combined shipping rules to appear. Called eBay. Actually got a rep in the U.S. for the first time in ages. Maybe the phone lines for other country's agents is down. Would make sense. U.S. rep confirmed glitches across the board. Said that the ebay cracker jack team will be on it tomorrow. Suggested I not even bother trying to list tonight. Knew something was up when my items were getting no looks.
By: VeryGoodVintage
Are you experiencing this issue?

Volvo351 Thumbs Up
November 09, 2017
  09:19 AM
They screwed up combined/quantity shipping a while back; you can no longer input a reduced shipping charge for 2nd, 3rd, etc. items. A real pain for items frequently bought in pairs!

Whatever Thumbs Up
November 10, 2017
  03:49 AM
go to save the draft then go back in and complete the listing - this has worked for me every time