Issue: Despite no updates to USPS service alerts page as of 10:22am Eastern: Most if not all central FL postal locations are closed with no pick up, delivery, or counter service. Trying Office Depot as a hailmary since they do offer some USPS services. I would rather do everything possible then have to rely on ebay seller protection.
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Ina Thumbs Down
September 09, 2017
  16:56 PM
Sorry to hear you are impacted - I am seeing at least some info on USPS website:

thriftyattireandstuff Verified
September 09, 2017
  21:49 PM
Pretty simply put. If people are complaining about delivery times in a hurricane, they need a hobby.

debranator Thumbs Up
September 11, 2017
  00:56 AM
well, on amazon you have no choice..have to get those packages out...tuesday should be fine..hopefully.