Issue: eBay logged some shipments arriving on the "scheduled" date as late. Shipments affected were in transit over the New Year holiday taken on January 2.
By: cfrphoto
Are you experiencing this issue?

27tcle Verified
January 07, 2017
  17:52 PM
They have been pulling this crap for months. The goal it seems is to make sure you never achieve TRS. I've lost the ability to care, when the boat sinks it sinks...

Marie Verified
January 10, 2017
  03:08 AM
For me I recently got two late shipments removed from my stats.  One was from early December and the other later in the month.  Nothing to do with holiday days when USPS is closed.  Ebay just flat out didn't calculate them right.  Now that is scary!  Everyone needs to keep a very close eye on this stat.


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