Issue: Major unannounced changes to category item numbers....they are changing long used item category numbers and scheduled listings are being rejected from 3rd party vendors due to use of formerly correct category numbers. They are also mandating selection of New/Used in categories never required before nor applicable. This is a major change which will require a massive work effort to update. Really just unbelievable.
By: Scotty
Are you experiencing this issue?

mylifeisgood Thumbs Up
September 12, 2012
  16:37 PM

FurryFriend702 Thumbs Up
September 13, 2012
  19:49 PM
I list many types of products: CDs, DVDs, software, games, etc.  I uploaded about 2,000 listings last night and found about 200 of them were rejected for no reason.  I just notice all of my rejects were CDs.  They're probably mandating changes to certain types of products (CDs being one of them).  This is ridiculous because they should at least announce this in advance.  This would have saved me hours of investigating why some of my uploads failed.

go-figure Thumbs Up
September 17, 2012
  06:39 AM
More of their unannounced changes that they swore up and down that they wouldn't do. My life has gotten so much better since I quit worrying about the cr*p that ebay dishes out every day/week.